Michèle Flournoy and General Joseph Votel keynote the Intelligence and National Security Summit

“Retired Gen. Joseph Votel, who served as commander of U.S. Central Command during the Obama and Trump administrations, sat down for a one-on-one discussion with former Defense Under Secretary Michèle Flournoy. The two former officials discussed China, Russia and Iran as well as technology and intelligence. The conversation took place at the annual intelligence and national security summit hosted by the Intelligence & National Security Alliance (INSA) and the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA) in Washington, DC..." Watch the [...]

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Dennis Ross and David Makovsky release new book, Be Strong and of Good Courage: How Israel’s Most Important Leaders Shaped Its Destiny

"Modern Israel’s founding fathers provided some of the boldest and most principled leadership of any nation. Now Israel needs their example more than ever. At a time when the political destiny of Israel is more uncertain than at any moment since its modern founding, Be Strong and of Good Courage celebrates the defining generation of leaders who took on the task of safeguarding the country’s future. "David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, and Ariel Sharon were all present at the creation [...]

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Danny Russel quoted in The Washington Post article, “Trump’s tougher stance on China tested amid escalating trade fight, stalled North Korea talks”

“'China is not going to take a position on North Korea over a fit of pique with Donald Trump, but at the same time, it is not unlike the Chinese to say, "Why the hell should we accommodate you or take risks in service of a U.S. priority when you’re doing this to us on one of our core interests?"' said Daniel Russel, who served as assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs in the Obama administration..." Read [...]

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Dennis Ross quoted in The Washington Post article, “Iranian threats led to White House’s deployment announcement, U.S. officials say”

"Mehr news agency, quoting an 'informed source,' said it was unlikely that Rouhani would announce a full withdrawal from the agreement. In the past, Iran has threatened to limit access for the International Atomic Energy Agency’s monitors. "Another possible option, said Dennis A. Ross, who participated in U.S. negotiations in the Middle East through a number of administrations, would be to enrich a small amount of uranium to 20 percent — more than five times the level allowable under the agreement [...]

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Bob Work quoted in Defense News article, “With billions planned in funding, the US Navy charts its unmanned future”

"In a distributed construct, the drones spread out across an area while the manned ship passively receives the data at a distance. But it’s a challenge to accomplish that in environments where an adversary such as China or Russia actively jams communications signals. "However, it’s a challenge the Navy must address, said Bob Work, the former deputy secretary of defense who championed unmanned technologies under the Obama administration. “'This is like carrier aviation in the interwar period,' Work said. 'This is [...]

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Bridge Colby writes in Foreign Policy: “How to Win America’s Next War”

"The era of untrammeled U.S. military superiority is over. If the United States delays implementing a new approach, it risks losing a war to China or Russia—or backing down in a crisis because it fears it would—with devastating consequences for America’s interests. "The U.S. Defense Department’s 2018 National Defense Strategy initiated a needed course correction to address this challenge. As then-Defense Secretary James Mattis put it in January that year, great-power competition—not terrorism—is now the Pentagon’s priority. But while the strategy’s [...]

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Bridge Colby in The Taipei Times: “US helps those who help themselves”

"The threat to Taiwan from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is increasing — sharply. Beijing is putting the nation under tremendous political pressure, but the military threat to Taiwan is especially alarming. China has spent the past 25 years working to undermine US and allied military advantages, above all with respect to Taiwan. "As US think tank RAND Corp and other sources have shown, helping Taiwan defend itself has gone from a relatively easy task in the 1990s for the [...]

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Miriam Vogel in Axios: “How bias creeps into healthcare AI”

"Many health-related AI technologies today are biased because they're built on datasets largely comprised of men and individuals of European descent. "Why it matters: An AI system trained to identify diseases, conditions and symptoms in people in these datasets could fail when presented with data from people with different characteristics..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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