WestExec Advisors is a strategic advisory firm that offers unique geopolitical and policy expertise to help business leaders make the best decisions in a complex and volatile international landscape. We are an unrivaled, bipartisan team of senior national security leaders with the most recent experience and unmatched networks in defense, foreign policy, intelligence, economics, cybersecurity, data privacy, and strategic communications. We create significant advantages for our clients by providing unparalleled expertise on the external factors and relationships that affect businesses – from geopolitical trends and risks, to economic developments, to an evolving technological landscape, to changes in Washington and in other capitals around the world.


WestExec Advisors is a diverse group of senior national security professionals with the most recent experience at the highest levels of the U.S. government. With deep knowledge and networks in the fields of defense, foreign policy, intelligence, cybersecurity, international economics, and strategic communications, our team has worked together around the White House Situation Room table, deliberating and deciding our nation’s foreign and national security policies.  Collectively, we have unparalleled perspective to help our clients manage risk and achieve their goals.


WestExec Advisors brings the Situation Room to the Board Room.

Whether it is red teaming a business strategy or decision, using scenario development and table-top exercises to test ideas or enhance preparedness for a future contingency, or bringing the full power of our network to bear in helping clients navigate rapidly emerging challenges and opportunities, WestExec Advisors provides market-leading strategic advice to ensure our clients are positioned to make the best business decisions.

We start with our clients’ particular challenges or concerns and tailor innovative strategies and solutions to help them succeed. There is no such thing as a generic WestExec engagement. Each is designed to best serve the unique needs of individual clients. As we work with our clients over time, our ability to add value only grows.

“At a time of historic levels of turmoil and uncertainty around the world, WestExec Advisors is a smart insurance policy for our clients, giving them higher confidence in their business decisions and in their ability to anticipate and prepare for the future.”  

Michèle Flournoy
Co-Founder & Managing Partner


  • Geopolitical Risk Analysis
  • Strategic Advice
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement
  • Capital Advisory
  • Market Entry & Expansion Support
  • Thought Leadership & Market Differentiation
  • Managing China-Related Risk in an Era of Strategic Competition
  • International Economics and Regulatory Issues


WestExec Advisors is an unparalleled group of this generation’s thought leaders and senior practitioners in national security and international affairs. We have deep current expertise, unique perspective, as well as broad and active networks in Washington and around the world.

With WestExec Advisors as your partner, you have regular access to a diverse group of senior practitioners who have been tested and proven in high stakes environments like the White House Situation Room. Harnessing this expertise and insight gives our clients higher confidence in their business decisions.

When you face an international challenge or opportunity, WestExec Advisors aims to be your “go to” partner. We do not produce generic analyses or products. Your unique challenges deserve unique analysis and solutions.

“Your brief kicked off the best discussion we have had with our board related to strategy… [It] perfectly framed the challenges we face in the not so distant future…” 
Chief Executive Officer of a WestExec client

“Everyone … is thrilled to be associated with WestExec and appreciates how much farther you have moved us than we could have moved ourselves.”  
Partner of a WestExec client


WestExec Advisors is derived from “West Executive Avenue,” the closed street that runs between the West Wing of the White House and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. It is, quite literally, the road to the Situation Room, and it is the road everyone associated with WestExec Advisors has crossed many times en route to meetings of the highest national security consequence. For us, “WestExec” conveys our shared commitment to our country, to each other, and to our clients. 


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