Bob Work quoted in The Washington Post article, “The Cybersecurity 202: Democrats’ New Infrastructure Bill Highlights Cybersecurity Concerns”

"Today's [Congressional] hearing comes nearly two weeks after the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence released a report saying the U.S. government is unprepared for the battle over AI technology with China. "'This will be expensive and requires significant change in mind-set at the national, and agency, and Cabinet levels,' the [National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence]’s vice chair, Robert Work, said as the report was released. 'America needs White House leadership, Cabinet member action, and bipartisan congressional support to win the [...]

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Bob Work quoted in Federal News Network article, “AI Commission Sees ‘Extraordinary’ Support to Stand up Tech-Focused Service Academy”

"Artificial intelligence tools will soon become the 'weapons of first resort,' and will accelerate the damage caused by cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns, former Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said Monday. "To stay top of this emerging threat, Work, speaking as the vice-chairman of the National Security Commission on AI, is calling on the federal government to add senior AI advisors to the top ranks of the White House, Defense Department and intelligence community..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Bob Work quoted in U.S. Naval Institute News article, “Panel: Future Fleet Numbers Not as Important as Capabilities Like Sealift, Unmanned”

"The Navy League hosted a panel discussion last week centered around its newest Maritime Policy Statement, produced every other year to outline the Navy League’s legislative agenda. Keynote speaker Bob Work, a former deputy secretary of defense and undersecretary of the Navy, praised the report for concentrating on policy instead of the nitty gritty details of ship counts, which he called a 'numbers game.' "Work, who is also the chairman of the board of the U.S. Naval Institute, said a fleet [...]

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Robert Work quoted in Reuters article, “U.S. Commission Cites ‘Moral Imperative’ to Explore AI Weapons”

"The United States should not agree to ban the use or development of autonomous weapons powered by artificial intelligence (AI) software, a government-appointed panel said in a draft report for Congress. "The panel, led by former Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, on Tuesday concluded two days of public discussion about how the world’s biggest military power should consider AI for national security and technological advancement. "Its Vice Chairman Robert Work, a former deputy secretary of defense, said autonomous weapons are expected [...]

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Bob Work quoted in Defense Systems article, “Could A New Academy Solve the AI Talent Problem?”

"'We think we have a lot of talent inside the military that we just aren't aware of,' Work said. "To remedy that, Work said the commission recommends a grading, via a programming proficiency test, to identify government and military workers that have software development experience. The recommendations also include a computational thinking component to the armed services' vocational aptitude battery to better identify incoming talent..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Bob Work quoted in Federal Computer Week article, “Could A New Academy Solve the AI Talent Problem?”

"Robert Work, former deputy secretary of defense who is now NSCAI's vice chair, said the academy would bring in people who want to serve in government and would graduate students to serve as full time federal employees at GS-7 to GS-11 pay grade. Members of the digital corps would [serve] five years at 38 days a year helping government agencies figure out how to best implement AI... "'We think we have a lot of talent inside the military that we just [...]

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WestExec Managing Partner, Principals and Senior Advisors among 89 former defense officials to write in The Washington Post: “The Military Must Never Be Used to Violate Constitutional Rights”

"President Trump continues to use inflammatory language as many Americans protest the unlawful death of George Floyd and the unjust treatment of black Americans by our justice system. As the protests have grown, so has the intensity of the president’s rhetoric. He has gone so far as to make a shocking promise: to send active-duty members of the U.S. military to 'dominate' protesters in cities throughout the country — with or without the consent of local mayors or state governors. "On [...]

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Bob Work interviewed on Federal Drive with Tom Temin podcast, “Improving the Federal Hiring Process, Part 1”

"Who wants to work for the government? Apparently not enough people. One reason might be the federal government’s poor record at workforce planning and development, and its hiring process. A cluster of coalitions has urged leading members of Congress to do something about federal workforce issues. Among them, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. For more, Federal Drive with Tom Temin spoke with the commission vice chairman and former deputy Defense secretary, Bob Work..." Listen to the full episode here: [...]

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Bob Work quoted in The Economist article, “Global Arms Spending Is Rising, But Covid-19 Will Trim Budgets”

"Factor all that in and China’s defence budget may in fact have reached around 87% of America’s, suggests Frederico Bartels of the Heritage Foundation, a think-tank. Raw spending disguises technological advances, too. 'China appears to be driving the military-technical competition in critical areas such as quantum science, biotechnology, hypersonics, and ballistic and cruise missiles,' warns Robert Work, a former deputy secretary of defence in America..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Bob Work quoted in the National Interest article, “Recent Wargames Show That America’s Military Dominance Over Russia and China Has Ended”

"American forces' over-reliance on large, vulnerable installations and big ships renders moot the high-tech qualities of the stealth aircraft that fly from the bases and the ships, said Robert Work, a former deputy defense secretary who also sat on the CNAS panel. "'In every case I know of, the F-35 rules the sky when it’s in the sky, but it gets killed on the ground in large numbers,' Work said, according to Freedberg... "Work said the Pentagon could free up the [...]

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