“American forces’ over-reliance on large, vulnerable installations and big ships renders moot the high-tech qualities of the stealth aircraft that fly from the bases and the ships, said Robert Work, a former deputy defense secretary who also sat on the CNAS panel.

“‘In every case I know of, the F-35 rules the sky when it’s in the sky, but it gets killed on the ground in large numbers,’ Work said, according to Freedberg…

“Work said the Pentagon could free up the cash for these reforms by dismantling big, vulnerable forces. Cutting Truman, for example, ‘seems right to me,’ Work said. He also claimed the U.S. Army has more infantry and tank brigades than its missile-defense forces can protect.

“If the Defense Department could free up $24 billion, it should give it to the military branch that has the best proposals for achieving certain results in wartime, Work said…”

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