Emily Harding quoted in Voice of America article, “Biden Accuses Russia of Already Interfering in 2022 Election”

"'I'm not sure it's going to be a shock to anybody that Russia is looking at disinformation for the 2022 election. I think it is a really good reminder, though, that Russia continues to do this and that nothing has dissuaded them yet,' [Harding] said…” Read the full article here: Full Article

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Charlie Bolden interviewed in Politico article, “The Billionaut Boys Club”

“First of all, we really need to help the public understand that while these two flights are really geared toward — I guess space tourism is the term that people like to use. These two flights [are the] evolution of civilian or nongovernment spaceflight. “We’ve already done the really, really hard thing, which is to take humans into orbital spaceflight. And now we're coming back to the easier part of it, which is just transporting humans into space and right back [...]

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Meghan O’Sullivan quoted in Bloomberg article, “Aramco Becomes Latest Victim of Cyber Attacks”

“Saudi Arabia and Russia clinched a deal for an OPEC+ production increase by partly submitting to the United Arab Emirates’ demands for a more generous quota. Still, the compromise leaves Riyadh and Moscow — the organization’s two biggest members — further on top. They made sure of that by awarding themselves the biggest increases. The dispute between Saudi Arabia and the UAE was essentially about the energy transition and the Emiratis being better prepared for it, Meghan L. O’Sullivan says…” Read [...]

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Michèle Flournoy featured in Hudson Institute event, “Transforming U.S. Defense”

"Representative Seth Moulton (D-MA), former Undersecretary for Defense Policy Michèle Flournoy, and Jay Dryer, the Defense Department’s Strategic Command Operations director, joined a virtual conversation on transforming U.S. defense capabilities. Discussed topics included competition with China, funding for future technologies, the importance of cyber software in winning wars of the future, and investment in innovation and research..." Watch the full event here: Full Event

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Matt Waxman quoted in Defense One article, “Transfers Alone Won’t Close Guantanamo Bay”

“'Many of the remaining cases are so hard. Reducing the population through individual transfers makes the remainder problem smaller, but not very much easier,' said Matthew Waxman, a professor at Columbia University Law School. 'Is the Biden administration prepared to move [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] and other 9/11 plotters and al Qaeda leaders into the United States? If so, they might be able to close Guantanamo, but they need a solution for those high-profile cases...'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Matt Waxman quoted in Lawfare article, “Repealing the ‘Zombie’ Iraq AUMF(s): A Clear Win for Constitutional Hygiene but Unlikely to End Forever Wars”

"Furthermore, from a constitutional hygiene perspective, it is discomforting to see decades-old force authorizations remain valid law. As Matthew Waxman has pointed out, there is even a 1957 AUMF on the books that is just now becoming the focus of possible repeal as well. For these reasons, the repeal of the Iraq AUMF(s) should not be dismissed as an undeserving endeavor—a proactive Congress interested in overseeing military conflict should be applauded. Just don’t expect this action alone to do much to [...]

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Bob Work quoted in Federal News Network article, “DoD Seeks to Develop New Career Paths to Stay Ahead of AI Competition”

“'[The National Security Commission's report on AI] is not primarily about national defense, or even national security in the traditional sense, and neither is the AI competition. At its core, the AI competition is a values competition,' Work said..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Bridge Colby quoted in Lawfare article, “Water Wars: No One in the Mood for Compromise in the South China Sea”

"The Pentagon is also considering establishing a permanent naval task force in the Pacific to counter China’s growing aggression, according to sources interviewed by Politico. Although not yet finalized, Politico notes that the initiative 'would add muscle to President Joe Biden’s tough talk on China and send a signal that the new U.S. administration is serious about cracking down on Beijing’s military buildup and aggressive behavior in the Pacific region.' According to Elbridge Colby, a former Trump Pentagon official, the initiative [...]

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