Michèle Flournoy interviewed in Modern War Institute podcast, “Back to the Future: Resetting Special Operations Forces for Great Power Competition”

"Special operations forces have been a favorite national security tool in the post-9/11 era; wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have consumed their attention and kept the special operations community focused on counterterrorism and counterinsurgency missions. However, the release of the 2017 National Security Strategy pivoted the United States’ strategic focus from terrorism to near-peer competitors China and Russia. What will be the role of special operations forces (SOF) in this era of great power competition? Where is SOF falling short in [...]

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Matt Waxman quoted in Newsweek article, “Cybersecurity Firms Take the Offensive While Avoiding ‘All-Out War’”

"Cyberattacks on public and private entities in the U.S. occur every 39 seconds. The Microsoft Digital Defense Report for 2020 found that most attacks by nation states come from China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. "But lack of transparency is a major challenge when it comes to holding these nations accountable through international law. "'It's much, much harder to penetrate what's going on with an adversary's cyber capabilities,' Matthew Waxman, an expert in international law and cybersecurity with the Council on [...]

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Matt Waxman quoted in Newsweek article, “Cybersecurity Firms Take the Offensive While Avoiding ‘All-Out War'”

"Without a cyberwar to set precedent, Waxman said nations must blaze their own trails when navigating this new territory. When interpreting what constitutes an offensive attack, Waxman said the intent to cause damage serves as one signal on an operational level. Beyond that, the line between espionage and warfare becomes blurred..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Bridge Colby quoted in Nikkei Asia article, “Pacific Deterrence Budget Creates Rift Between Biden and Congress”

"The confusion over the PDI shows that there is still debate over 'how to deal with the China military challenge,' even as the question of whether Beijing is a priority has been settled, said Elbridge Colby, who served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy and force development under Trump…" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Bridge Colby quoted in Politico article, “Pentagon Considering Permanent Naval Task Force to Counter China in the Pacific”

"While the initiatives would not be a silver bullet to solve the China problem, the efforts are an encouraging sign that the Pentagon is committed to moving resources away from the Middle East and elevating the needs of the Pacific, said Elbridge Colby, a former Trump Pentagon official who is now a principal at The Marathon Initiative…" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Vince Brooks quoted in U.S. Army article, “‘Week of the Warrior’ Puts ‘People First’ Into Motion”

"'It’s evident we still have a disease,' said [Vince] Brooks, when asked about his perspective on today’s challenge with diversity. 'We are not what we want to be and maybe not even what we think we are. The expectation is that [the military] will figure this out before anyone else in society. So, you have to keep wrestling with this. What we have to guard against is pre-judgements that then translate into action…'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Bridge Colby quoted in The Wall Street Journal article, “Pentagon to Speed up Efforts to Counter China”

"'At this point, the say-do gap is the problem,' said Elbridge Colby, a former Pentagon official who played a key role in developing the national defense strategy during the Trump administration. 'We have had prioritization of China for several years. But not enough has been done to translate that into reality, and the problem is alarmingly urgent…'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Michèle Flournoy interviewed in Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs, “Rebuilding America’s Military Edge”

"During the first decade of the 21st century, the U.S. defense department prioritized counterterrorism and counterinsurgency measures the Middle East and across the globe. A major shift in strategy began slowly but surely in 2012, driven partly by China’s more aggressive behavior and new military capabilities, including cyber and electronic weapons and precision missiles developed specifically to exploit US vulnerabilities. "Despite this shift in strategy, experts suggest that the Pentagon has not made the changes necessary to meet the threats posed [...]

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