Jim Jeffrey quoted in The Wall Street Journal article, “Biden Recognizes Massacres of Armenians as Genocide”

"James Jeffrey, a former U.S. ambassador to Turkey and senior official in the Obama and Trump administrations, said the question of genocide recognition has long been the subject of a debate within the U.S. government. "'Those of us who always argued that for geopolitical reasons we shouldn’t do it knew that sooner or later a president would do it,' he said of the decision to recognize the genocide…" Read the full article here: Full Article

2021-04-24T12:33:06-04:00April 24, 2021|News|

Danny Russel quoted in The Washington Post article, “Biden Administration Begins First Faceoff With China Amid Worsening Relations”

"'Among the factors that drive the administration’s messaging is not wanting to expose a flank and invite criticism of being appeasing to Beijing,' said Danny Russel, a vice president at the Asia Society Policy Institute and a former career diplomat. 'They are disabusing people of the expectation that this is going to produce some solutions or even negotiations. But it’s an opportunity to lay our priorities and level-set…'" Read the full article here: Full Article

2021-03-18T19:40:57-04:00March 18, 2021|News|

Danny Russel quoted in Politico article, “China and U.S. Appear Set for a Frosty Alaska Summit”

"'The Biden team has focused on getting into position and getting the sequence right in their engagement with China,' said Danny Russel, who served as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs under former President Barack Obama. 'Obviously, the fact that they’re holding this meeting literally on the heels of alliance consultations in Tokyo and Seoul is no accident…'" Read the full article here: Full Article

2021-03-16T19:40:57-04:00March 16, 2021|News|

Dan Shapiro writes in Jewish Telegraphic Agency: “What Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Taught Us About the Gift of Time”

"...The message is that we are obligated to use our time on this earth wisely, to fix what is broken, to care for others, to renew ourselves and to renew our world. "If anyone lived a life that could teach us the same lesson, it was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She understood the obligation to use her time to good effect. She spoke movingly of the Jewish values she was raised with — the pursuit of justice, caring for those in need, [...]

2020-09-30T22:33:26-04:00September 21, 2020|News|

Lisa Monaco quoted in The Washington Post article, “After the Anita Hill Hearings In 1991, Joe Biden Began A Long Quest to Redeem Himself with Women”

"Lisa Monaco, who worked as a low-level staffer on the Judiciary Committee from 1992 to 1994, said the office culture was dominated by women. Biden had appointed women as his staff director, chief counsel and chief crime counsel. "'Here was a group of women who were in charge. They ran the committee staff, they advised on the policy — and they had been empowered by Joe Biden,' she said. 'It was very formative for me as a young woman seeing these [...]

2020-08-07T08:29:16-04:00August 2, 2020|News|

Jen Psaki writes in CNN: “The Roberts Court Is Striking at The Heart of Democracy”

"Joe Biden's recent rise in national polls has led some Democrats -- myself included -- to fear that complacency will set in, and voters won't take the threat of President Donald Trump's reelection seriously. "But there is something else that should be generating a great level of concern -- the effort by Republicans to use the Supreme Court to suppress voting across the country in an attempt to hold onto the White House and Senate..." Read the full article here: Full [...]

2020-07-31T21:33:22-04:00July 21, 2020|News|

Charlie Bolden interviewed by Space, “Race and Space”

"NASA's first and (so far) only Black administrator says he is angry and hopeful as he reflects on the world today. "Charles 'Charlie' Bolden, a former astronaut who served as NASA administrator from 2009 to 2017, is 'on a constant roller coaster of being very angry and then being hopeful,' he told Space.com. Bolden recently spoke to Space.com about not only his experiences as an African-American man who has helped lead the world in space exploration, but also about how he [...]

2020-08-01T12:08:57-04:00June 17, 2020|News, Social Impact|

Miriam Vogel writes in Thrive Global: “COVID-19 Could Bring Bias in AI to Pandemic Level Crisis”

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a trusted ally and partner in our daily lives. While there are countless benefits of AI, embedded bias could be determining who keeps their job, what news we see – even who lives or dies – without our even knowing it. "AI-based technology is enabling us to stay connected to our communities, order essential supplies and perform our jobs while adhering to stay-at-home orders. It ensures we’re entertained by using algorithms to [...]

2020-06-26T09:33:08-04:00June 14, 2020|News|
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