Bob Work interviewed on Federal Drive with Tom Temin podcast, “Improving the Federal Hiring Process, Part 1”

"Who wants to work for the government? Apparently not enough people. One reason might be the federal government’s poor record at workforce planning and development, and its hiring process. A cluster of coalitions has urged leading members of Congress to do something about federal workforce issues. Among them, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. For more, Federal Drive with Tom Temin spoke with the commission vice chairman and former deputy Defense secretary, Bob Work..." Listen to the full episode here: [...]

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Michèle Flournoy quoted in Inkstick article, “Now Is Not the Time for Diversity Backsliding”

"A lack of diversity, on the other hand, made it harder to introduce new ideas into the conversation. Michèle Flournoy, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy who was the highest-ranking woman at the Department of Defense in its history when she was confirmed, described this struggle as the 'consensual straitjacket.' She told us: 'I think women are socialized to sort of think outside the box to solve problems, and to make connections, and to work horizontally to build networks and [...]

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Avril Haines interviewed in Brookings webinar, “Inspired to Serve – The Future of Public Service”

"On May 4, in honor of Public Service Recognition Week, the Foreign Policy program at Brookings, in partnership with the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service, hosted a webinar to highlight the critical role of service. Following welcome remarks by Brookings President John R. Allen and Commission Chairman Joseph J. Heck, Brookings Senior Fellow Fiona Hill moderated a conversation between Allen, Heck, Commissioner Avril Haines, and Brookings Senior Fellow Isabel Sawhill. Questions from the audience followed the discussion..." Watch [...]

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Jen Psaki quoted in The Washington Post article, “‘A Tricky Balance’: Obama Seeks to Inform and Reassure the Public on Coronavirus While Avoiding Confrontation with Trump”

"'I think there’s a tricky balance here,' said Jen Psaki, a White House communications director under Obama. 'As much as former president Obama has an enormous microphone and people still look to hear what he has to say, he also, especially at a time of global crisis, does not want to create a moment that’s perceived as political — a battle between a former Democratic president and a sitting Republican president, even if President Trump is completely mishandling this...'" Read the [...]

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Lisa Monaco quoted in The Hill article, “Trump Shakes Up Justice Department, Intelligence Community”

"'You’re seeing a real strain on these institutions and the strain is coming in the form of really challenging the norms under which they’ve operated in the past,' said Lisa Monaco, who served as assistant attorney general for national security during the Obama administration... "'In my 15 years of experience, I have never seen that happen before where the attorney general kind of reaches in to overrule the line prosecutors, and even as they were pursuing what was consistent with Justice [...]

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Lisa Monaco quoted in POLITICO article, “Trump Taps Fierce Ally Grenell As Top Intelligence Official”

"Lisa Monaco, who served as homeland security director in the Obama White House, said, 'The intelligence Community is a diverse enterprise; given the wide array of threats and complexity of the global challenges we face -- this country and, most importantly, the men and women of the intelligence community, need an experienced national security and intelligence professional at the helm...'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Lisa Monaco interviewed on CNN’s New Day

"The president is the chief law enforcement officer. Of course he is. Just like he's the commander in chief of the armed forces. Just like he's the chief diplomat. But the difference here is past presidents have chosen to delegate those powers to their attorney general, to their secretary of defense, to their secretary of state. Why? Because the president occupies a unique role. He is both the head of our government and the head of his political party. That makes [...]

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Lisa Monaco writes in Just Security: “The Soul of the Justice Department: Who Must Stand Up For It Now”

"Over the course of 20 years in public service, including 15 at the Department of Justice, I had the opportunity to work under some great Justice Department leaders, including Janet Reno and Bob Mueller. I couldn’t have picked two people from more different backgrounds or life experiences to serve as mentors for a career in the Department. But each in their own way shaped me as a lawyer, as a prosecutor, as a public servant, and as a person. Many of [...]

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Miriam Vogel featured in Design Week article, “Siri, Alexa And Unconscious Bias: The Case for Designing Fairer AI Assistants”

“'I have yet to meet the person who is designing to intentionally discriminate,' Miriam Vogel tells Design Week. 'But sometimes it’s hard to admit that you’ve designed something that might have gaps and flaws in.' "Vogel is executive director of EqualAI, a US-based initiative that aims to prevent unconscious bias in artificial intelligence (AI) development. But when it comes to one of the most widespread uses of AI — voice-assistants — the machines themselves do discriminate..." Read the full article here: [...]

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C-SPAN livestreams the Center for American Progress’ National Security Conference featuring Michèle Flournoy, Susan Rice, and Denis McDonough

"Obama administration officials discuss the national security priorities a progressive government should focus on during its first 100 days in office. Several topics were covered including the current tensions with Iran, President Trump’s handling of foreign policy, and repairing U.S. relationships with allies..." Watch the full panel here: Full Panel

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