Bob Work quoted in Federal News Network article, “DoD Seeks to Develop New Career Paths to Stay Ahead of AI Competition”

“'[The National Security Commission's report on AI] is not primarily about national defense, or even national security in the traditional sense, and neither is the AI competition. At its core, the AI competition is a values competition,' Work said..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Bob Work quoted in Bloomberg Government article, “AI Experts Needed to Lead ‘Project Maven’ Move Within DOD”

"The Defense Department’s (DOD) secretive artificial intelligence task force called Project Maven is moving to a new home within the Pentagon’s intelligence and security apparatus. Now Defense officials are looking for an industry partner to manage the transition and provide ongoing support for the program… "Project Maven, formally known as the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team (AWCFT), was established in 2017 to 'accelerate the DOD’s integration of big data and machine learning,' then-Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work wrote in a memo. Maven’s [...]

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Bob Work writes in War on the Rocks: “AI and Synthetic Biology Are Critical to Future U.S. Competitiveness”

"On Jan. 11, 2020, Chinese authorities shared the genetic sequence of the virus that causes COVID-19 for the first time. By Jan. 13, the biotechnology firm Moderna had used this information to finalize the design of its vaccine. "This miracle of modern science — shortening to a matter of hours a process that had previously taken months or years — was not a stroke of luck. It was enabled by significant advancements in AI and machine learning, investments in these technologies [...]

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Bob Work quoted in National Defense article, “Semiconductor Shortage Shines Light on Weak Supply Chain”

"Bob Work, former deputy secretary of defense and the current co-chair of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, said the United States currently has a two-generation lead on China in advanced hardware such as semiconductors. "However, 'we’re 110 miles away from going two generations ahead to maybe two generations behind,' he said during the unveiling of the commission’s final report in March. 'If China absorbed Taiwan — which is the source of many of the world’s hardware — that would [...]

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Bob Work quoted in Department of Defense article, “Artificial Intelligence Key to Maintaining Military, Economic Advantages, Say Leaders”

"Officials today discussed the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence's recent report and the progress for the adoption and implementation of AI across the Defense Department. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Michael S. Groen, director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, and Robert O. Work, vice chair of the NSCAI, spoke to reporters at the Pentagon…" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Bob Work writes in War on the Rocks: “Storm Clouds Ahead: Musings About the 2022 Defense Budget”

"It’s that time of year when the president’s annual budget is due to Congress, and with it, the annual update to the Pentagon’s future years defense program. The program is a projection of the forces, resources, and capabilities needed to support Department of Defense operations over a five-year period. The future years defense program covers the current 'year of execution' and the next four years. These five-year plans are typically delivered to Congress with the defense resources for the two previous [...]

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Bob Work quoted in The Nation article, “National Security AI Commission Recommends Ramping up a Military Tech Race With China”

"Concern over China’s rise is already widespread among members of both parties, as is a sense that the United States is not doing enough to compete with China in the technological realm. And while some might question the need for more ships and planes to confront the Chinese, few debate the need for increased investment in advanced technologies. 'We believe we have powerful bipartisan consensus to win the technology competition with our strategic competitors,' said commission vice-chair Robert Work, a former [...]

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Bob Work quoted in National Defense article, “Taiwan Viewed as Achilles’ Heel of U.S. Microelectronics Supply Chain”

"A potential Chinese takeover of neighboring Taiwan would pose a catastrophic threat to the United States supply of microelectronics, and Washington needs to take steps to reduce that vulnerability, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work warned March 24…" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Bob Work writes with James A. Winnefeld, Jr. and Stephanie O’Sullivan in War on the Rocks: “Steering in the Right Direction in the Military-Technical Revolution”

"A couple of years ago at the Beijing Xiangshan Forum, a senior executive at one of China’s largest defense companies claimed that 'mechanized equipment is just like the hand of the human body.' He continued, 'In future intelligent wars, AI systems will be just like the brain of the human body.' More recently, the People’s Liberation Army sought broad participation from young technology-savvy inventors in an AI challenge-style competition to develop the best algorithms to direct joint military forces in a [...]

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Bob Work quoted in National Defense Magazine article, “Commission: AI Dominance Requires Bold Action”

"The Defense Department and intelligence community must be AI-ready by 2025 to avoid falling behind, the [National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence] commissioners said. Reaching that goal will require the government to create a Technology Competitiveness Council akin to the National Security Council, said former Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work. "'The U.S. has no mechanism to organize for a tech competition,' he said. The National Security Council was created at the beginning of the Cold War to manage a long-term competition [...]

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