Mike Singh quoted in The National article, “Pentagon Chief Voices Concern over Iranian Ships in Atlantic”

"Michael Singh, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that Iranian naval vessels crossing the Atlantic Ocean 'is in itself not very concerning, much less threatening' but the transfer of weapons is… "Asked about US options, Mr Singh said that 'certainly, the US can threaten Venezuela and Cuba with sanctions for allowing Iranian military ships to dock in their ports. The bolder option would be to interdict the shipment at sea, but that would depend on [...]

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Mike Singh quoted in Politico article, “The Never-Ending, Ever-Frustrating Hunt for the ‘Biden Doctrine’”

"It seems fair to ask, then: Why is it necessary to define a president’s foreign policy 'doctrine' at all? Isn’t dealing with some 200 countries, not to mention transnational threats like climate change and terrorism, complicated enough to defy easy summarization? Why do pundits try so hard to impose order on the messy reality of governing? "'I don’t know, honestly,' said Michael Singh, a Middle East specialist who served in former President George W. Bush’s National Security Council. 'Maybe we’re trying [...]

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Mike Singh quoted in Politico article, “Biden Wants ‘Calm’ in the Mideast. So Much for Peace.”

"Michael Singh, a former George W. Bush administration now with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said Biden may sympathize with Israel’s goal of degrading Hamas. He noted, however, that every few years, Israel engages in a violent showdown with the Palestinian militant group. "'Generally, part of U.S. policy has been to help Israel pursue its objectives as quickly and with as few civilian casualties as possible,' Singh said. 'The big question is, "Can Israel do this in a way [...]

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Mike Singh quoted in Politico article, “Biden’s First 100 Days in Foreign Policy Are Hamstrung By Trump’s Last 100”

"Trump is hardly the first president to try to cement his legacy with a flurry of last-minute actions. Still, when a president tries to handcuff his successor, that can feed into the notion that U.S. foreign policy is inherently unstable, damaging America’s global reputation in the long run, former U.S. officials and analysts say. "'This perceived instability or changeability of American foreign policy from one administration to the next means that foreign countries, including allies, feel like they need to discount [...]

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Mike Singh quoted in NPR All Things Considered segment, “Returning to the Iran Nuclear Deal Is Essential For Biden’s Foreign Policy Agenda”

"There is a clear desire to make a shift in strategy away from the Middle East and toward competition with rivals like China and Russia. But Michael Singh, who is former President George W. Bush's top Middle East adviser in the White House, he told me, you know, quote, 'The enemy gets a vote.' And he says Iran may not be a great competitor, but you also can't ignore it…” Listen to the full segment here: Full Segment

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Mike Singh writes with Sinan Ulgen in Foreign Policy: “Biden Can’t Avoid Erdogan, but He Can Keep the U.S.-Turkish Relationship on Track”

"When Joe Biden assumes office as U.S. president in late January, one of the thorniest foreign-policy challenges he will inherit is not one of his predecessor’s creation. Indeed, the problem of U.S. relations with Turkey has wrong-footed U.S. administrations from both parties in the past two decades..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Mike Singh writes in War on the Rocks: “As Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates Normalize Ties, China Looks on Warily”

"In a world starved for good news, the normalization agreements that Israel recently signed at the White House with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were met with near-universal praise. In a region more often associated with risk, the deals seemed to signal opportunity — for stability, for peace, and for profit..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Mike Singh quoted in Financial Times article, “Bahrain Joins UAE in Normalising Relations with Israel”

"Mike Singh, a former director of Middle East affairs at the National Security Council, said that while Mr. Trump has long been focused on a 'deal of the century' between Israelis and Palestinians, administration officials have 'always felt there was more progress to be made between Israel and US allies in the Gulf than between the Israelis and Palestinians...'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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