Lisa Monaco quoted in The Washington Post article, “After the Anita Hill Hearings In 1991, Joe Biden Began A Long Quest to Redeem Himself with Women”

"Lisa Monaco, who worked as a low-level staffer on the Judiciary Committee from 1992 to 1994, said the office culture was dominated by women. Biden had appointed women as his staff director, chief counsel and chief crime counsel. "'Here was a group of women who were in charge. They ran the committee staff, they advised on the policy — and they had been empowered by Joe Biden,' she said. 'It was very formative for me as a young woman seeing these [...]

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Lisa Monaco quoted in Wired article, “Chinese Hackers Charged in Decade-Long Crime and Spying Spree”

"'I think the 2015 agreement was a major accomplishment, and it followed sustained pressure by the Obama administration on the Chinese government regarding malicious cyberactivity including intellectual property theft,' says Lisa Monaco, former homeland security advisor to Obama and currently a partner at law firm O’Melveny & Myers. 'But the resurgence in activity by Chinese cyberactors demonstrates that cyberdeterrence must be strategic, coordinated, and sustained. An agreement is only going to be effective if there is a commitment to holding the [...]

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Lisa Monaco quoted in Vanity Fair article, “‘We Need Them to F–king Do Something’: Former Pandemic Officials Call Trump’s COVID-19 Response a National Disaster”

"'The CDC’s expertise and job is to provide that source of expert guidance and information and data to the states. And not in, often, a prescriptive way, but you can just go and see in past epidemics and past outbreaks—whether it’s Ebola or Zika—what we did is we relied on the public health and science and epidemiological professionals,' Lisa Monaco, who served as the homeland security adviser to President Barack Obama told me, name-checking Fauci and former CDC chief Thomas Frieden [...]

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Lisa Monaco launches United Security podcast

Lisa Monaco and Ken Wainstein have managed national security issues at the highest levels of government. Now, they co-host United Security. "On this inaugural episode of United Security, 'Bounties, Bolton, and COVID-19,' Lisa Monaco and Ken Wainstein discuss recent reporting that the Russians paid bounties to Taliban linked militias to kill U.S. service members in Afghanistan, make sense of the Bolton saga including a breakdown of the pre-publication review process for former government officials, and provide an update on the resurgence [...]

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Lisa Monaco quoted in The Hill article, “Trump Administration Planning Pandemic Office at the State Department: Report”

"Former Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco, who served under Obama, said that the Trump administration ran the risk of secluding the office from other government agencies by placing it within the State Department rather than the NSC. "'This move now to set this unit, re-set this unit up, although in a different building, on the one hand is the recognition that you do indeed need a specific identified place to constantly be focusing on pandemic response,' Monaco told CNN..." Read the [...]

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Lisa Monaco featured on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber, “See The Chilling Virus Warnings Trump Ignored – Before Pandemic Outbreak”

"We put together an exercise for the incoming national security team. I said that we needed to add a pandemic scenario to the exercise because I was so concerned and thought it would be a certainty that the next administration would deal with some type of public health crisis..." Watch the full report here: Full Report

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Lisa Monaco interviewed on CNN’s The Daily DC podcast, “Obama Official: Pandemic Wasn’t Unforeseen”

"President Trump says the Obama Administration didn't prepare his team for coronavirus. But CNN National Security Analyst and former Obama Homeland Security Adviser joins CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash to go inside the pandemic prep session during the Presidential transition and discuss the Trump response so far..." Listen to the full episode here: Full Episode

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