Charlie Bolden interviewed in Politico article, “The Billionaut Boys Club”

“First of all, we really need to help the public understand that while these two flights are really geared toward — I guess space tourism is the term that people like to use. These two flights [are the] evolution of civilian or nongovernment spaceflight. “We’ve already done the really, really hard thing, which is to take humans into orbital spaceflight. And now we're coming back to the easier part of it, which is just transporting humans into space and right back [...]

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Charlie Bolden quoted in CNN article, “Meet the Space Trailblazers of Color Who Empowered Others to Dream”

"Eventually, NASA selected [Charlie Bolden] in 1980 for the second group of space shuttle astronauts. Around 10 minutes into his first space flight, which he piloted, the crew was orbiting Earth when he saw a big island — which turned out to be Africa, he said. 'Being of African descent, I had spent a lot of time studying the geography of the planet so I’d be able to try to find, perhaps, one or more of the countries from which my [...]

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Charlie Bolden quoted in NewScientist article, “China Is About To Start Building a Space Station in Orbit”

"'China, in a sense, is trying to catch up with capabilities that other space powers that have already done,' says space analyst Laura Forczyk. 'One of the things that helps China here is that their government is not democratic, so there isn’t the infighting that we have in the US about what the priorities are and how to fund them.' "That has allowed the nation to develop this technology relatively quickly, but Charles Bolden, who served as NASA administrator under President [...]

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Charlie Bolden quoted in Space article, “60 Years of Human Spaceflight Brings In Tech Changes and Emphasis on Diversity”

"In an exclusive interview with in 2020, Charles 'Charlie' Bolden — a former astronaut who served as NASA administrator from 2009 to 2017 — reflected on his experiences as a Black man and leader of space exploration, along with his feelings about racism and violence against people of color today, which he said are ubiquitous in American society because 'this is what our nation was founded on…'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Charlie Bolden quoted in Aviation Week article, “Removing Blindfolds is Key to Building More Diverse Workforce”

"Born in 1946 and raised in segregated South Carolina, Bolden, an African American, set his sights on the U.S. Naval Academy, despite legislators from his district withholding their recommendations. "Bolden finally made it to the Naval Academy—and hated it. 'I thought it was tough. I thought it was unfair. I faced discrimination,' Bolden recalls. 'I cried to my mom and dad every weekend during my [freshman] year, saying I wanted to come home. My dad told me to just hang in there [...]

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Charlie Bolden quoted in Axios article, “The International Space Station’s End Will Mix Up Space Geopolitics”

"The big picture: Not all attention will turn to the Moon at the end of the space station, however. NASA is hoping to make use of private space stations under development as a proving ground for missions to deeper space. "Those space stations could be places where nations are able to collaborate with one another as well. "'My guess would be the international partners would be buying time on those commercial vehicles,' former NASA administrator Charles Bolden told me..." Read the [...]

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