Tony Blinken participates in Meridian Virtual Forum on U.S. Foreign Policy

"[Tony] Blinken discussed a range of global issues and how they might be handled under a Biden Administration. Moderated by CBS News’ Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Margaret Brennan, the conversation also examined the U.S. COVID-19 response and how it has impacted the U.S. role on the international stage..." Watch the full event here: Full Event

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Tony Blinked interviewed on PBS NewsHour, “Blame and Counter-Charges: The U.S.-China Rhetorical War Over COVID-19”

"The government of China, has to be held accountable for failing to provide information in a timely fashion, failing to give access to international inspectors to get to the bottom of what happened. "But the other half of the story is this. Unfortunately, tragically, the Trump administration took down or undermined a lot of defenses that previous administrations had put in place to be able to warn of a pandemic, including a pandemic emerging from China..." Read the full transcript here: [...]

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Tony Blinken participates in Chatham House virtual roundtable, “US Foreign Policy in a Post COVID-19 World”

"The coronavirus crisis has accentuated the need for US leadership and international cooperation to address the global health emergency and economic crisis. The pandemic comes at a time of profound uncertainty over America's future role in the world, its commitments to transatlantic security, and its relationship with China. "As we face the 2020 US Presidential elections, America's European partners look ahead to the potential foreign policy priorities of the next US administration. "In this conversation, Tony Blinken, US Deputy Secretary of [...]

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WestExec Partners, Principals, and Senior Advisors featured in the Wall Street Journal article, “U.S. Foreign-Policy Experts Call for Cooperation With China on Coronavirus”

"A large group of prominent American foreign-policy experts, including former high-ranking White House officials from both parties, is calling on the Trump administration to work more closely with China to stem the coronavirus epidemic..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Antony Blinken in The New York Times: “No People. No Process. No Policy.”

"Senator John McCain liked to remind us that it is always darkest before it goes completely black. That may prove an apt metaphor for President Trump’s foreign policy. The past two years have been plenty dark, with a long list of self-inflicted wounds: tearing up the Iran nuclear deal, pulling out of the Paris climate accord, walking away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, separating children from their parents at the border, insulting allies while embracing autocrats. "But the administration has [...]

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Antony Blinken and Robert Kagan in The Washington Post: “‘America First’ is only making the world worse. Here’s a better approach”

Foreign policy was the last thing on voters’ minds in the midterm elections, but as we look toward 2020, one thing is clear: President Trump’s “America First” foreign policy — or its progressive cousin, retrenchment — is broadly popular in both parties. Trump’s recent decision to withdraw all troops from Syria and 7,000 from Afghanistan has been condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike in Washington. But it is not at all clear that Americans beyond the Beltway are equally outraged. The [...]

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Antony Blinken in the New York Times: “The Best Model for a Nuclear Deal With North Korea? Iran”

June 11, 2018 | New York Times, Opinion Visitors to a future Donald J. Trump presidential library may find a whole section dedicated to his demolition of the 2015 Iran nuclear accord: “worst deal ever”; “horrible” and “one-sided”; “major embarrassment”; “defective at its core.” As Mr. Trump pursues North Korea’s denuclearization at the Singapore summit meeting scheduled for Tuesday, he risks being hoisted on his own hyperbole. By Mr. Trump’s own logic, any deal with the North has to be better, tougher, more [...]

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