Dennis Ross quoted in The Hill article, “Biden’s Quiet Diplomacy Under Pressure as Israel-Hamas Fighting Intensifies”

"Dennis Ross, a veteran Middle East peace negotiator who served on the National Security Council during the Obama administration, said the developments 'no doubt' add to pressure on Israel. "But he said the decision to greenlight the strike likely represented a calculated Israeli message to Hamas and other terror groups 'that Israel will do what it thinks it must and will not be constrained by criticism…'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Dennis Ross quoted in The New York Times article, “Violence Shakes Trump’s Boast of ‘New Middle East’”

"Dennis Ross, a former Middle East peace negotiator who served under three presidents, called the accords an important step for the region, but said the violence in Israel’s cities and Gaza illustrated how 'the Palestinian issue can still cast a cloud' over Israel’s relations with its Arab neighbors. "'The notion that this was "peace in our time" obviously ignored the one existential conflict in the region. It wasn’t between Israel and the Arab states,' Mr. Ross said…" Read the full article [...]

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Dennis Ross interviewed in The Guardian podcast, “What Is Biden’s Policy in the Middle East?: Politics Weekly Extra”

"Jonathan Freedland asks ambassador Dennis Ross, the special envoy to the Middle East under Bill Clinton, who worked with several administrations to secure a peace deal in the region. He recently featured in a documentary, The Human Factor, about US involvement in talks between Arab and Israeli leaders…" Listen to the full episode here: Full Episode

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Dennis Ross quoted in The Washington Post article, “Biden Wants to Avoid Another Israeli-Palestinian War. It Will Be Even Harder This Time.”

"As veteran Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross recently told me, Hamas has 'an opportunity to upstage' Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas by firing rockets at Jerusalem, becoming 'the symbol of resistance' among Palestinians. But 'with more than 360,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem,' Ross notes, 'firing rockets at the city has as much of a chance to kill Palestinians as anyone, so we are again reminded that Hamas is not about Palestinian well-being but leading resistance regardless of the cost to Palestinians and [...]

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Dennis Ross quoted in The Associated Press article, “‘Human Factor’ Gets Personal About Mideast Peace”

"[T]here’s a reason 'The Human Factor,' by Israeli filmmaker Dror Moreh, escapes what would seem a likely fate of being interesting only to policy wonks and those with a direct stake in the issue, and it has something to do with the title. It’s a reference to a line from Dennis Ross, the best-known negotiator of the bunch. "'You can’t ignore the human factor,' he says at the beginning. 'Someone who has a human touch treats someone else with respect. Someone [...]

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Dennis Ross writes in The Washington Post: “For Diplomacy to Work, Iran Must Understand That It Cannot Overplay Its Hand”

"If there was any doubt that Iran wants and needs sanctions relief, it was removed on April 11. Rather than using what seemed like Israeli sabotage at Natanz, Iran’s largest uranium enrichment site, as pretext to walk away from the talks in Vienna — as many argued they would — the Iranians remain engaged with the British, French, Germans, Russians and Chinese, who are acting as mediators between the Islamic republic and the United States. There was no disruption of the [...]

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Dennis Ross quoted in The Jerusalem Post article, “How Will the Natanz Incident Affect Iran’s Vienna Negotiations?”

"Ambassador Dennis Ross, a distinguished fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told the Post that the incident in Natanz won’t change the Iranian desire to get sanctions lifted. 'It may reduce the sense of urgency on the part of the Biden administration to restore the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) lest the Iranian break-out time continues to be reduced,' said Ross. 'Thus, the disruption of the Iranian effort to produce and install more advanced centrifuges reduces the [...]

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Dennis Ross quoted in Politico article, “Joe Biden Is Not Planning to Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

"But the Trump administration did help orchestrate one breakthrough that some Mideast hands say could help salvage the two-state ideal: agreements between Israel and some Arab states to normalize their diplomatic relations. The so-called Abraham Accords could be expanded to cover other Arab countries currently at odds with Israel, said Dennis Ross, a longtime Mideast peace negotiator who has worked for multiple administrations. "Some Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, could offer to normalize their relations with Israel in exchange for [...]

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Dennis Ross quoted in The Jerusalem Post article, “Were Reports of a Jordanian Coup a Wake-up Call For Israel?”

"'We should always be concerned about what happens in Jordan,' said former US negotiator Dennis Ross, who served during the Obama, Clinton and Bush administrations. 'Jordan’s position has been pivotal and its stability is essential.' "If Israel can’t count on Jordan to maintain security along that border, then that changes the country’s entire military strategy, said Ross, who is a distinguished fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy…" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Dennis Ross quoted in Fox News article, “Biden’s Release of Report on Khashoggi Killing Shows Difference From Trump’s Approach, Experts Say”

"Washington Institute experts Dennis Ross and Robert Satloff say an 'interests-oriented, not values-oriented, posture toward the kingdom' can no longer be the policy. The U.S. will continue its diplomatic alliance with Saudi Arabia, but this relationship will be different..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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