Chris Inglis cited in POLITICO article, “Ex-National Security Officials Warn of Risks in Biden Transition Delay”

"In a letter sent to the General Services Administration on Thursday and obtained by POLITICO, the former officials urged the agency to officially name Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the apparent president-elect and vice president-elect so that they can access information 'needed to address pressing national security issues, such as the President’s Daily Briefing and pending decisions on possible uses of military force...'" "The letter comes as Trump continues to refuse to concede the election, resulting in the presidential transition [...]

2020-11-20T11:39:57-05:00November 12, 2020|Cybersecurity & Defense|

Chris Inglis writes with Tatyana Bolton in Lawfare: “Improving Cyber-Oriented Education, One Cyber Clinic at a Time”

"Cybersecurity talent gaps continue to exist across the United States, yet private sector leaders and the federal government have not been able to make the meaningful investments necessary to fill the more than half a million​ current vacancies nationwide, including more than 33,000 vacancies in the public sector workforce alone. Cybersecurity clinics ​offer a high-potential path to sharply increase the number of experienced cybersecurity professionals coming out of U.S. universities at minimal cost and with low barriers to expansion. Located in [...]

2020-09-01T20:59:57-04:00August 15, 2020|Cybersecurity & Defense|

Chris Inglis writes with Joe Heck in The Hill: “Creating A More Secure Nation Means Public Service Hiring Practices Need an Overhaul”

"The public sector has over 33,000 openings in cybersecurity. This means that about one in three possible public sector cybersecurity jobs is currently unfilled. It also means that we are leaving our country vulnerable to future attacks in cyberspace if we do not have the experts we need to update information technology systems, analyze network traffic, research emerging tools, respond to cyber incidents, coordinate with other sectors, and the myriad other responsibilities that fall to the federal cyber workforce. "The federal [...]

2020-07-31T21:32:10-04:00July 18, 2020|Cybersecurity & Defense|
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