“The United States is at an inflection point in an age of mounting transnational threats, unprecedented global interdependence, and resurgent great power competition. This moment is taking place in the context of a technological revolution that exacerbates the challenges we face while simultaneously offering potential solutions, providing breakthroughs in climate, medicine, communications, transportation, intelligence, and many other fields. Many of these breakthroughs will come through the exploitation of artificial intelligence (AI) and its related technologies—chief among them machine learning (ML). These advances will likely shape the economic and military balance of power among nations and the future of work, wealth, and inequality within them.

“Innovations in ML have the potential to transform fundamentally how the U.S. military fights, and how the Department of Defense (DOD) operates. Machine learning applications can increase the speed and quality of human decision-making on the battlefield, enable human-machine teaming to maximize performance and minimize the risk to soldiers, and greatly improve the accuracy and speed of analysis that relies on very large data sets. ML can also strengthen the United States’ ability to defend its networks against cyberattacks at machine speeds and has the power to automate critical components of labor-intensive enterprise functions, such as predictive maintenance and personnel management…”

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