Lincoln Bloomfield writes in 1945: “Questioning Assumptions on Iran: Five Ways Team Biden Can Deal from Strength”

"As the US is recommitting to upholding a rules-based international order, Iran daily expresses its revolutionary raison d’etre by destabilizing actions that serially target American interests. With or without the JCPOA, President Biden needs a strategy to address these non-nuclear concerns, one that will find favor on both sides of the political aisle and unite rather than divide our allies. However the current talks turn out, there are ways that the US and allies can stand for shared values and exert [...]

2021-07-20T18:52:02-04:00May 12, 2021|Geopolitical Perspectives|

Lincoln Bloomfield writes in Fletcher Forum: “Let Them Eat Smartphones: Reflections on the Wealth-Information Paradox”

"The early twenty-first century has brought a transformation in societies worldwide: a rapid change in how people live and work, the rewards for their exertions, how they feel about their lot in life, and where they turn for succor. To consider the hours spent daily by much of humanity staring at lit rectangular screens is to know how different life has become for the human race over the course of a single generation. As with the advent of printing presses, electricity, [...]

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