“Using military bases makes a lot of sense. We have facilities all around the country, so you can place folks who are going to be in quarantine at bases close to where they will eventually go home. These bases are set places that the military and our government can control, with enough infrastructure to accommodate and eventually distribute over 2,000 people. It’s also not uncommon for a government to tap into military resources if they need to in a crisis…”

“You’re seeing a lot of discussion today about ‘epidemic’ versus ‘pandemic’. Let’s get some facts out on the table. In an epidemic, the disease spreads over one particular area or region; that’s why we called the Ebola epidemic an epidemic, not a pandemic. You had sustained transmission in Western Africa and only isolated cases in other countries. Here, we’ve got cases in almost 100 different countries. The definition of a pandemic, is when you have worldwide spread…”

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