“Michèle Flournoy, Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy in the Obama administration focused on the importance of coherent foreign policy strategy and discussed the risks posed by unfilled leadership positions in security and foreign policy.

“On the dangers of a leadership vacuum: ‘The people who would likely serve in a Republican administration have signed anti-Trump letters. The administration is going to have a hard time filling out its national security ranks in the next two years — I don’t know what they would do with a second term.’

“On the country’s biggest foreign policy challenge: ‘I think competition with China is the biggest strategic challenge we will face over the next many years. I think the administration is throwing a lot of tactics against the wall without a clear strategy.’

“Flournoy emphasized the three things the U.S. needs to do to compete with China: Invest at home. Work with our allies — who all have the same issues with China. Focus on shoring up deterrence without driving China to accelerate its thinking that it’s an enemy to the U.S….”

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