“‘For retaliation to be smart it needs to be applied in a targeted and judicious manner for the purpose not of inflicting pain but to change behaviour,’ [Daniel Russel] said. ‘And you can’t claim that Trump’s retaliatory measures – the tariffs, the threats, the listing of companies like Huawei – have led to better behaviour by China.’

“‘On the contrary [China has] dug itself in more determinedly,’ Mr. Russel said. ‘The Trump administration has not been able to close any deal, nor have they been able to address the more important structural economic and technological challenges.’

“‘In the process they have not only slammed the door on benign and useful cooperation particularly on transnational and global issues, but have inadvertently validated a kind of paranoid view in Beijing that the US’s goal is to block China’s development and sow unrest, to weaken China,’ he added…”

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