Policies — not just politics — are deeply polarized today. Every choice becomes binary with no middle ground.

In response to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, either we should punish Saudi Arabia and try to force Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman out of power, or our interests are so great in the kingdom that we should simply put this behind us. President Trump has chosen the latter course, disregarding our values in declaring that our interests in Saudi Arabia matter more than whether the crown prince gave the order to assassinate a journalist.

Regrettably, no president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has made values a fundamental part of our approach to the kingdom. On the contrary, every one — like Trump — put our interests, narrowly defined, first. True, they were less blatant about it than this president, but oil and security were the hallmarks of our policy, and we turned a blind eye to Saudi domestic policy and the funding of extremist madrassas internationally…

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