“A former Obama administration official, Michèle Flournoy, tells the Israel Policy Forum that both the U.S. and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu need to consider the concerns from Arab partners who support Palestinian aspirations for independence.

“‘You know, these countries may not be full-fledged democracies or democracies at all, but they do have to care about their street. And these leaders will not have the political maneuver room to continue investing in their relationship with Israel if Netanyahu and his government takes this kind of move.’

“Flournoy, a former Pentagon official, says Israel has quietly built relations with security forces from Arab states. That’s been good for U.S. security. She warns that any unilateral move by Israel now could undermine that cooperation and divide Americans about their views on Israel.

“‘I hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu and those around him appreciate the degree to which they are playing with fire…'”

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