“‘In some ways Europeans have become accustomed to not being consulted,’ she explained. Nonetheless, she said the European perception has generally been that in a time of real crisis the administration would still look to collaborate with allies.

“‘But alas, what we saw last night was the president intent on issuing another ban, essentially for political gain, it enables him to say that this is a foreign threat…’

“‘There’s so much we could be learning right now from Italy’s experience, from Taiwan, from what South Korea has done, real valuable lessons out there,’ she added. ‘And instead of seizing on those opportunities, he’s essentially cutting off the world and giving Americans this false sense of security…'”

“‘Europe is where we find our closest allies and most capable allies,’ Smith explained. ‘This should be a time that brings us all together, and this is another example of the president going it alone. This time, instead of just hurt feelings, it could have consequences for people’s lives…'”

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