Janet Kavandi

Senior Advisor

Former Director of the Glenn Research Center, NASA

Dr. Janet Kavandi is a highly accomplished leader in aerospace and technology who leverages her extensive experience in human spaceflight, aerospace research and development, and strategic planning to enhance national capabilities in space exploration and commercial aerospace advancements.

Before joining WestExec, Janet completed a distinguished career at NASA, where she held several key positions including Director of the NASA Glenn Research Center, overseeing innovative advancements in aeronautics, space propulsion, and energy storage technologies. Under her leadership, the center significantly contributed to the U.S. space exploration agenda and collaborated extensively with the international space community.

A veteran astronaut, Janet has flown on three Space Shuttle missions, logging over 33 days in space and traveling more than 13.1 million miles in 535 Earth orbits. She has been integral in numerous NASA missions, contributing her expertise in science and technology to further our understanding of Earth and the universe.

Prior to her tenure in spaceflight, Janet held pivotal roles at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, including Deputy Chief of the Astronaut Office and Director of Flight Crew Operations, managing astronaut training and mission preparations that were critical to the success of both the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs.

Janet  earned her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Washington, and her career includes several academic roles, focusing on chemical and environmental engineering. She is a recipient of numerous awards, including the NASA Distinguished Service Medal and the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal