Michèle Flournoy quoted in The Washington Post article, “He Spent Years at War in Afghanistan. Now He Commands the U.S. Withdrawal.”

July 7, 2021|Categories: Cybersecurity & Defense|Tags: |

"Michèle Flournoy, a senior defense official during the Obama administration, said military literature suggests that 'one of the most dangerous moments in any campaign is during a retrograde or a withdrawal under fire…'" Read the [...]

Bridge Colby writes in Nikkei Asia: “Japan Must Disavow Pacifism and Embrace Collective Defense”

June 18, 2021|Categories: Geopolitical Perspectives|Tags: |

"The question of how to respond to China's enormous growth and increasing assertiveness is leading countries across the Indo-Pacific to grapple with uncomfortable -- even previously unimaginable -- policy changes…" Read the full article here: [...]

Andrea Kendall-Taylor quoted in NPR article, “Biden and the EU Call a Truce in a 17-Year Trade Fight to Focus On Threats From China”

June 15, 2021|Categories: Geopolitical Perspectives|Tags: |

"And despite the 'positive veneer' and goodwill on Biden's initial tour, allies wonder what they'll see in the next administration, or the one after that, said Andrea Kendall-Taylor, who advised the Biden team during the [...]

Rachel Ellehuus quoted in Voice of America article, “Biden to Reassure NATO Allies of US Commitment to Mutual Defense Clause”

June 14, 2021|Categories: Geopolitical Perspectives|Tags: |

"'They see what’s going on here domestically, and they worry about the future of the Republican Party. They worry about what happens after Biden,' according to Rachel Ellehuus, deputy director and senior fellow with the [...]

Rachel Ellehuus quoted in AP News article, “Erdogan and Biden Meet at a Tense Moment for Turkish-US Ties”

June 13, 2021|Categories: Geopolitical Perspectives|Tags: |

"However, besides blasting the decision in speeches, Erdogan didn’t immediately hit back at Washington. The muted response suggests he wants a good relationship with Biden, said Rachel Ellehuus, an analyst at the Washington think tank [...]

Andrea Kendall-Taylor quoted in Foreign Policy article, “What to Expect From the Biden-Putin Geneva Summit”

June 11, 2021|Categories: Geopolitical Perspectives|Tags: |

"'Where cyber can gain traction is under the strategic stability umbrella,' said Andrea Kendall-Taylor, director of the transatlantic security program at the Center for a New American Security, to prevent misunderstandings over cyber-espionage or hacking [...]