Merritt Ogle

Associate Director, Strategy and Operations

Merritt Ogle is the Associate Director of Strategy and Operations at WestExec Advisors. Prior to joining WestExec, Merritt was a Senior Associate at Markon Solutions where she supported Defense and Intelligence clients in advancing digital services initiatives within the national security community. In her role, she built interagency partnerships, supported the development and adoption of new technologies, and advanced talent transformation efforts.

Outside of WestExec, Merritt is honored to serve as the Director of Growth for #NatSecGirlSquad and as Chief of Staff for Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. At #NatSecGirlSquad, she leads coalition building for advancing competent diversity in the national security apparatus and with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy she supports in building the leaders tomorrow needs through creating networks for young people.

She has built and managed various projects with these organizations including the U.S.-China Futures Project to cultivate a cohort of the next generation of U.S. experts on China and the Emerging as a Global Leader Experience (EaGLE) program to connect exceptional and disruptive public servants. Merritt was also recognized by Out in National Security as one of 15 LGBTQIA+ new voices professionals in 2021.

Merritt graduated from The Ohio State University in 2017 with degrees in Public Affairs and International Studies.